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OnyxCeph³™ License Types

After installation, OnyxCeph³™ runs in a trial mode until the software is authorized by registration. In the trial mode, all functionality available in version 3D Pro can be used and evaluated except printing and findings exchange. The limitation is in the number of patients (max. 10) and images/findings (max. 100) including the pre-installed demo data. No data can be deleted in the trial mode and a nasty nag window will appear more or less frequently.

Note: The trial mode allows to test features of the software by test cases but may not be used for diagnostics or treatment planning for real cases or any other commercial purpose. Without registration, OnyxCeph³™ has no CE approval as a medical product.

For registration, two license types are available for each software version - perpetual and non-perpetual. Perpetual licenses RL+ give customers the right to use the software forever, after the license fee was paid. Non-perpetual licenses OSL are subscription-like, requiring the user to renew their authorization after the license payment period expires. Software support (updates, upgrades, technical support) which is identically for both license types has to be paid separately on an annual base.

Open Subscription (OSL)
Annual License Fee + Annual Maintenance Fee

Available for program versions BASIC and PRO



Purchase License  (RL+)
One-off License Fee + Annual Maintenance Fee

Available for all program versions



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