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Remote Access

Step 1 - Phone Contact  Call our Support on +49 371 9093140 to describe the support request. In many cases, the fastest solution for a support issue is desktop sharing by online accessing your computer. All you need is to be connected to the Internet.

Step 2 - Get Connected1  When invited to an online session by our Support, simply click on the support QuickSupport icon right. Depending on your Internet browser software, you will be able to run (IE) or download and then run (Firefox) the linked application onyxhelp.exe. There will be several security hints before you finally will see the session ID which should submitted by phone or email.



Security Hint No software needs to be installed on your end. During the online session, you stay in full control of your computer. You can end the online session at any time by clicking the Exit icon on the right.

Online access to the user's IT infrastructure is only offered if the prerequisites required for compliance with legal data protection requirements can be fulfilled.


1 By clicking on Icon on Tab |Online| or using the expandable info menu top right in the main window, a remote access can also be launched within the OnyxCeph³™ application directly


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